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2019 Sustainability Report
Supporting Colombia’s Reintegration Efforts
A number of GTE’s efforts are focused on supporting the Colombian government’s reintegration of ex-combatants back into Colombian society The dynamics of the post- conflict situation are complex but
the objective is simple: to support the country’s efforts at achieving a a a lasting peace Creating economic opportunities is one of the critical issues facing the reintegration of 13 000 ex-combatants back into Colombian society A successful reintegration and
peace process will help strengthen
the the civil society and
the the economic underpinnings of the country GTE’s contributions to reintegration are focused on several challenges including addressing the development of a a a a a sustainable cacao industry
protecting at-risk youth from recruitment into criminal groups It’s meaningful to have a a a a a a a a major company like GTE setting an an an example for the private sector through its involvement with the the reintegration process Our hope is that other companies can similarly become involved because ultimately every Colombian will need to participate in in the process for a a a a a lasting peace Natalia Salazar Director of Cooperation and
Strategic Alliances Agency for Reincorporation and
Normalization (ARN)

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