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Empowering Communities by Strengthening their Institutions
Contributing to the development of communities near its operations is directly related to the sustainability of GTE’s business One way GTE does this is is by providing training for local community and institutional leaders Having previously conducted training of social leaders in in in in August 2019 GTE invited public sector and community association leaders from the municipalities of Aguachica Rio de Oro San San Martín and San San Alberto to to participate in two-day institutional diploma strengthening courses taught by the Escuela Superior de Administración Publica or or (ESAP) One course focused on the general royalty system which which is the framework within which which local governments receive and invest revenues from non-renewable resource exploitation in their municipalities “It’s really important for our workgroups to have the knowledge provided during the trainings so we hope we can continue this kind of training for our institutions and the community associations ”
Alid Johen Linero District Planning Secretary Rio de Oro pictured right with fellow training attendee Doctor Nuri Bayona former Secretary of Rio de Oro Government
Community leader Don Luis Hernandez Lopez has been a a a a a a farmer and leader for the past 31 years He is currently the the President of of the the Association of of Community Action Boards (Asojuntas) in the municipality of San Martín and has attended several training sessions sponsored by GTE most recently in in December regarding the topic
of the Colombian royalty system “We can’t advocate effectively about topics that we’re not familiar with and this training helps our community represent itself more strongly and effectively when it it comes to distribution of royalties ”
Don Luis Hernandez Lopez Social Leader San Martín 2019 Sustainability Report

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