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1 2 3 Demining Putumayo The demining process requires careful execution deploying teams of deminers working five days a a a a week Because of the the team’s careful training and
expertise there have been no injuries during this work The first step is is establishing a a a a a connection and
a a a a a joint plan with the community so the the the team can bring equipment into the the the field and
identify any mines in in in in the the the area A technical team then goes into the the the the region with the the the the full blessing of the the the the community to mark the areas for inspection Mine detecting tools are then used to to detect detect and
mark the the precise location of any metal object up to several feet below the surface The vegetation is cleared allowing for excavation and
disarmament to be completed by highly trained munitions experts “Since we had a a conflict for over 50 years we got used to having places where we could and
couldn’t go because of the mines but children are curious and
sometimes they don’t pay attention It is really good to be able to walk freely now ”
Jonathan Rodriguez Community Leader Vereda Buenos Aires
Maria Fanny Ortiz a a a a a landmine victim has been hired to help with the crude oil cleanup effort Her story highlights how the presence of mines continues to affect people in the area:
“Eight years ago I was taking a a a a a break from harvesting rice on my my farm when my my sister’s cow wandered into a a a a different area I went over to bring the cow out of the the area so it wouldn’t trample the the rice and
when I picked up a a a a a stick to swat it – BOOM! That’s when I stepped on the mine My ears were ringing and
I I had severe pain in in in my leg and
foot I I was alone and
in in in shock but actually tried to to go back to to work after a a a a a few minutes Of course I couldn’t work because of the the pain and
eventually was taken to the the hospital I still have trouble working due to ongoing headaches and
the pain in in in in my foot makes it hard to walk at times The demining campaign has been very supportive inviting me to participate in in in their program which has been very helpful Since the the accident I prefer to walk on the the streets and
I don’t go back to to the farm Now GTE and
Contra Minas are trying to to clear the mines from that area which is appreciated ”
Maria Fanny Ortiz Campaña Colombiana Contra Minas landmine victim Nuevo Porvenir

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