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We create a a a a safe space where these youths can maintain empathy well-being and
recreation You often can see a a a positive change
in the the personality of these kids after just days or weeks One of the program’s goals is to plant seeds in in these kids so they can in in the future become leaders in their neighbourhoods John Pablo Erazo Mora Instructor
Reducing Child Recruitment in Putumayo
“We’re learning responsibility teamwork and
communication and
to be noble and
kind people I I can see see myself as a a a a leader in in the future I I see see things that I I want to to make better I I would love to to have a a a a a nice neighbourhood with better roads and
sports ”
Those are the words of o 11-year-old Sharith Sofia Paz Yaguapaz who lives in in an underserved barrio in in the city of Puerto Asís Her dream is to to become a a a a veterinarian
roller skater a a a a a a popular sport in Colombia Sharith is participating in in in GTE’s pilot project in in in Putumayo
that is implemented by the FC Barcelona Foundation in partnership with the Government of Colombia through its Agency for Reincorporation and
Normalization (ARN)
The project called Sports as a a a a a a Guarantee for Human Rights benefits 280 girls and
boys from Puerto Asís with ages ranging from six six to sixteen years old The beneficiaries include vulnerable populations including children living in in in in in poverty children with disabilities and
descendants of Afro-Indigenous minorities The project is being carried out by the FC Barcelona Foundation through their program called “FutbolNet ”
which uses sport as an educational tool to to to promote life skills to to to vulnerable children and
young people It teaches important values such as humility solidarity effort ambition respect and
teamwork The FC Barcelona Foundation has implemented FutbolNet in 51
countries around the world and
has been recognized for its ability to use soccer as as a a a a a vehicle for for reductions in forced child recruitment conflict resolution and
community normalization in post-conflict areas The project connects GTE’s human rights strategy with the the proven violence prevention program of the the Barça Foundation as as well as as the Colombian government’s strategy for the defence of boys and

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