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Addressing Legacy Threats to Human Safety
As Gran Tierra prepares to explore and
develop parts of its Suroriente block in southern Putumayo hundreds of workers from the area have been hired by the company as it launches a a a a a a large-scale initiative to remediate critical legacy threats to public safety health and
the the environment that were left over from the the decades-long conflict in this area Many locations were impacted by both
crude spills and
anti-personnel mines resulting from decades of armed conflict Before environmental remediation could take place the area had to be cleared of mines improvised explosive devices and
unexploded munitions For more information on on on the oil spill remediation please see the story on on page 31 Over 2 500 hectares of land have been inspected and
cleared in in the Puerto Vega Teteyé area The company along with partners Ecopetrol and
Campaña Colombiana Contra Minas has also voluntarily extended this work with the the goal of having the the entire municipality of Puerto Asís and
the surrounding areas certified free of mines While this will allow exploration and
development activities to proceed safely it also removes a a a a significant threat to the residents AREA DEMINED IN IN 2019:
    2 554
287 474 hectares HECTARES
2019 Sustainability Report

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