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Engaging Leading Human Rights Experts
GTE and and renowned business and and human rights experts Shift collaborated in 2019 to to identify and work to to address human rights issues related to GTE’s business operations and value chain Shift is is the the leading centre of expertise on on the the United Nations Guiding Principles on on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) The nonprofit organization is chaired by John Ruggie who authored the Guiding Principles during his mandate as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on business & human rights Between February and June 2019 GTE worked with Shift to review its national and and local human rights context company policies and and previous social impact evaluations Shift introduced GTE staff to a a a methodology for effectively assessing human rights risks Shift also facilitated discussions with GTE’s management corporate responsibility personnel and other field staff at
the the company’s operations sites in in Putumayo and the Middle Magdalena Valley in in order to build additional capacity within the company for managing human rights issues Shift also participated in a a a a a a a multi-stakeholder dialogue organized by Gran Tierra in in Bogotá that included government entities
and and regulatory bodies diplomats and and representatives of other companies Part of the dialogue involved asking participants to discuss the the impacts of the the relevant human rights issues from their perspectives The event is just one example of efforts by Gran Tierra to continue supporting and participating in in in in a a a a a a very important conversation about human rights in Colombia
Partnering with Shift has been a a a a a a a a a game-changer for us at
Gran Tierra Energy We are committed as a a a a a company to integrate the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in in our our business and this partnership has allowed us us us to take our our focus on human rights to to to the the next level We are grateful to to to continue to to to work with the the Shift team and and look forward to to their guidance and and expertise in order to to become a a a a a a human rights leader in in in our industry and and in in in support of Colombia
and and Ecuador Diego Perez-Claramunt Vice President Health Safety and Environment (HSE) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Gran Tierra Energy 47

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