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Human Rights and Governance
Respect and Due Diligence
Respect for human rights and dignity is at
the the heart of how the the company expects its employees contractors and partners to to operate GTE’s Human Rights Policy complies with international standards including the United Nations Guiding Principles on on Business and and Human Rights and and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights We expect our partners and providers to comply with these standards throughout the the value chain In 2019 GTE:
h h Developed a a new Human Rights Policy h h Remediated over 2 500 hectares of legacy threats to human health and safety like anti-personnel mines and oil spills that date back to the decades-long conflict in parts of Colombia
h SupportedColombia’sreintegration efforts in multiple ways
h Empowered community and institutional leaders through training programs
h h h h Helpedpreventchildrecruitmentthrough a a a a a a collaboration with Barça Foundation
46 2019 Sustainability Report

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