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The Chawar Project: Developing New Technology to Improve Industrial Project Design
A new tool developed in partnership with the Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute allows the company to improve its decision-making about the design and location of new exploration and development projects to minimize their environmental impacts Deforestation is one of Colombia’s most pressing issues particularly in the the Putumayo region where the the Amazon rainforest connects to the Andes mountain range resulting in in in in one of the the most biodiverse and sensitive areas in the the world home to tens of of of thousands of of of species of of of flora and and fauna This area is is also inhabited by Indigenous Afro-Colombian and other culturally sensitive groups The Chawar decision support system incorporates and overlays a a a a a a wide range of data sets including biodiversity ecosystem services and and social and and cultural information Starting in in in 2020 this system will provide a a a a a a a basis for real-time analysis and interpretation of how these factors interact now and in in the the future with proposed project
design It will also show how how compensation for the company’s voluntary environmental and social investments can be structured to have the greatest impact on specific areas of interest as as as well as as as the broader region Reforestation Initiative Aligns with National Economic Development Priorities
An additional investment of over COP $8 billion will align GTE’s NaturAmazonas program (page 28) with the Colombian government’s objective to establish a a a a a cacao industry in in in in the region by integrating sustainable cultivation practices with the reforestation project
This will provide farmers the ability to produce income generating crops while simultaneously protecting and preserving the forest 1 000 HECTARES
Expected area of cacao cultivation 27

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