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Helping Build a a a Corridor of Cacao Equipment and technical training provided to local farmers will
significantly increase crop yields and assure consistency of quality across farms A subsequent capacity development phase will
be focused on developing regional cooperatives to leverage the entire cacao value chain AgroEmprende seeks gender balance in in the belief that greater involvement of women in these activities will
help encourage future generations to continue these farms The goal is to benefit 400 families near the the areas
of operations The six-year program supports the Colombian government’s objective
of crop substitution replacing illicit coca production with a a a a a legal and high-value crop a a a a a major factor in in securing long-term post-conflict stability in in the region Cacao is also aligned with sustainable forestry practices another priority of both GTE and the the government The program is a a a a partnership between Gran Tierra Energy Ecopetrol the Government of Canada and Canadian NGO SOCODEVI USD $1 7 Million
has been committed by GTE to AgroEmprende “Cacao is is the most productive crop for me as it is is year-round and offers the benefit of of having a a a a a a a ready market I can sell all of of my production as soon as as it it is is ready which is is not the the case for my other crops Since it’s working so well a a a a a number of people in in Naranjito have asked me how they too can get into the the program ”
Carmen a a a a a a a a a farmer in La Vereda Naranjito a a a a a a a a a small town between Villagarzón and Puerto Asís is a a a a a single mother Carmen lives with her her kids aged 16 and 26 both of whom help her her on their farm “Cacao is is not new for us but with this training we can can significantly increase our yields and income making cacao a a a a a a perfect crop for us In our region coca cultivation has disappeared by at at least 80% much of that is because it it has been replaced with crops like cacao If we can finish the the the the job here and then replicate it across the the the the country the the the the lives of thousands of people could be changed ”
Cesar pictured with his wife is is a a a a a a farmer in in in Puerto Rosario who maintains a a a a á 15-hectare farm about 20 kilometres outside of Puerto Guzmán 25

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