Page 29 - 2019 Sustainability Report
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NaturAmazonas: Flagship Reforestation Program Set to Exceed Projections
After successfully completing three years of strategy development partnership creation and initial implementation the NaturAmazonas
project a a a a collaboration between GTE and renowned environmental NGO Conservation International is accelerating its reforestation efforts
and is on on track
to massively increase tree production and planting The NaturAmazonas
team is hopeful that
the project’s impact will exceed initial projections by up to 300% To support this this expansion this this GTE-funded project has created four nurseries capable of growing millions of seedlings each year The Guayuyaco Agroforestry Center in the town of of Piamonte was converted and and refurbished from an an an abandoned social site of a a a a nearby Indigenous Inga community and is capable of growing over one million seedlings each year to support the reforestation initiative A new nursery Sacha Wasi is under construction near GTE’s Costayaco facility and will have a a a a a a a a similar capacity when it it opens in 2020 This large-scale sustainable reforestation initiative delivers a a a a a a a a variety of benefits:
about sustainable use of resources that
come from the forest Employment of hundreds of workers from the area An emerging sustainable beekeeping and honey industry in in the region
Building a a a a wealth of botanical knowledge about the the flora in the the sensitive Andes-Amazon piedmont region
through the collection and analysis of over 10 000 plant specimens
Distribution of efficient stoves in rural areas that
will improve air quality and reduce the release of carbon
Strengthened relationships between institutions to establish a a a shared vision for for reducing deforestation 29

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