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2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
 “In the beginning the community thought we were just another oil company with our own objectives. But they have seen our commitment to the restoration of these areas. You only have to look around now to see the results of all these years of hard work. Along with our other efforts, we are showing that hydrocarbon extraction is possible while being environmentally friendly.”
Costayaco Forestry Center:
Linking Environment and Community
In 2018, the Forestry Center at Costayaco fulfilled multiple roles for both Gran Tierra and the nearby communities.
The Costayaco Forestry Center (CFC) was established by Gran Tierra in 2010 in coordination with the regional environmental regulator, CORPOAMAZONIA, to produce seedlings for reforestation of nearby forest areas. It is one of the most innovative reforestation efforts in South America and has been very successful in the strategically important area between a heavily forested national park and areas where economic activities like cattle farming have degraded some of the Amazon rainforest. One of the keys to the Forestry Center’s effectiveness is that it helps facilitate concentrated reforestation in degraded areas, rebuilding critical corridors for flora and fauna.
While the Center is a vehicle for fulfilling some of GTE’s compliance requirements to offset both the loss of trees removed for construction of GTE facilities and the use of water in the company’s operations, the Forestry Center’s voluntary activities are also an example of the company’s commitment to go Beyond Compliance.
The Costayaco Forestry Center spans a total of 212.6 ha and with more planned, the Center has grown large enough to become a habitat for animals that would otherwise be in danger. On any given day, hundreds of birds and thousands of butterflies can be seen throughout the area. In addition, two releases of animals – 10 owls and 24 turtles – were made by CORPOAMAZONIA in 2018, adding to the release of animals made in
prior years.
The Center also serves as a vital link to nearby communities. In 2018, community groups made 21 visits to learn about GTE as well as the importance of protecting the environment and the reforestation efforts taking place in the area. The Center is working with local schools to catalyse environmental awareness at an early age. In 2018, the Center donated to communities 10,440 trees produced in its nursery.
 – Victor Linares, Director, Costayaco Forestry Center, GTE

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