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  24 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
Reciprocating Gas Engine Generators at the Gran Tierra Moqueta Field
Air Emissions
Gran Tierra’s policy is to monitor its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually* and reduce them when it can do so cost effectively. In 2016, as production activities increased, the company launched its Gas-to-Power Program, which has significantly reduced emissions in participating fields by minimizing gas flaring and the use of electricity from the national grid. GTE has expanded this program each year, and in 2018 completed a $3,000,000 USD project at its Moqueta field. It also committed to spend $20 million USD on gas turbines in the Acordionero in order to reduce emissions there.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Monitoring Results
Gas-to-Power Program Update
Gran Tierra’s two-year-old Gas-to-Power program made major progress in 2018 towards its goal of using natural gas to reliably generate 100% of the electricity needed for its field operations, in the process significantly reducing gas flaring and the company’s use of electricity from the national grid.
During the year GTE completed implementation of a Gas-to-Power project at its Moqueta field, one of the company’s most challenging fields since it is accessible only via helicopter transport. The project, valued at $3,000,000 USD, successfully installed twelve 250kWh reciprocating gas engine generators in June and a gas conditioning system in December in order to produce better quality gas for generation. This project was the first of its kind to be fully developed and executed
by GTE.
Moqueta1 5,444,309 29,553,865 $266,771
1Savings are calculated VS National Power Grid (SIN) 355-208 (SoE KWh)=147 $/KWH
2Savings are calculated VS National Power Grid (SIN) 325-208 (SoE KWh)=117 $/KWH
At year end almost 99% of gas at the Moqueta field was being used for power, with the company buying the rest from the grid. The Gas-to-Power Program at the Costayaco field has been operating reliably since 2017. GTE plans to complete the program in Acordionero by the end of 2019 or early 2020.
 Total CO2eq
 Tonnes in 2017
58.73 261,210.71
 Gas To Power (kWh)
 Gas Used (scf)
 Savings (USD)
  *GTE’s 2017 emissions results were compiled and analysed in 2018

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