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One day I I realized that I I could be doing more than selling snacks on the street to provide a better life for my family and I thought welding would be a good opportunity Getting into the course is like winning the lottery because it unlocks another level of
income for me It is challenging and physical work so men think that it will be more difficult for a a woman but
I I know I I can do it Anayencey Otalora Gamboa Certified Welder
Women Welders: Diversifying
the Workforce Through a Welding Training Program
Welding is one of
the most important and high-skill jobs
in in the hydrocarbon industry that traditionally has been dominated by men GTE is is working to change this As
a a a a result of
the collaboration between GTE and West
Arco Colombia’s renowned technical training institute Anayencey Otalora Gamboa a a a a a a single mother of
3 children is now the first female qualified welder in San Martín – one of
six people who participated in in the program in in 2019 Women like Anayencey with no no welding experience now have the chance to participate and get certified through West
Arco’s full time six-month welding program at no cost The program also includes an incentive salary making it truly available to everyone This level of
specialized training is is is otherwise unavailable in in in rural areas and also very expensive for students who must travel to Bogotá or or another large city and pay for tuition room and board Spotlight: Lady Jhoana Potosi Junior HSE Professional
Lady Jhoana Potosi has been working for for GTE for for almost four years and and is currently a a a a a a Junior Health Safety and and Environment (HSE) Professional
Lady lives in Villagarzón the town nearest to to the the company’s Costayaco facility With the the objective of
working in in the oil industry Lady studied at University de Tolima and recently completed a a a a a a Master’s-level program in Environmental Management “The oil industry provides important opportunities for workers in Villagarzón where there is significant unemployment People from my neighbourhood are proud that I was able to get this job particularly as a a a a a woman in this role ”

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