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Strengthening Leadership in in the Middle Magdalena Valley
A heightened focus on training and career development is aimed at at creating opportunities for advancement and strengthened local leadership in the field at GTE’s worksites In addition to meeting its local hiring objectives GTE aims to inspire the workforce by showing them pathways for success within the the operation A program identifying promising employees
for special training strengthened leadership within the organization in in its Middle Magdalena Valley
operations This program also played a a a a a a role in in in in helping set the fastest drilling rate in in in in company company history In 2020 the company company will conduct additional coaching and mentoring
for leaders and front-line workers In 2016 Jesus Eduardo Jaime was hired to support rig operations during a a a a a critical year for the global hydrocarbon industry with GTE being one of
the few companies in in Colombia actively drilling new wells Jesus quickly distinguished himself
and was selected to test for one of
the three rig operator trainee positions His test results along with his his attitude and aptitude led to his his assistant derrickman promotion before ultimately being named derrickman in 2019 The company has created a a a a lot of
opportunities – all of
the workers here are are from the area I believe our personal success is due to our performance and attitude towards others It’s thanks to to GTE that I’ve been able to advance my life and family goals Jesus Eduardo Jaime Derrickman Gran Tierra Energy
12 2019 Sustainability Report

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