Page 35 - 2019 Sustainability Report
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  The GPS Room: An Additional Set of Eyes on Safety
In GTE’s Bogotá headquarters, engineers
are constantly on the lookout for potential hazards and opportunities to improve safe work management practices, watching live feeds across GTE’s field operations from 50 different cameras streaming 24 hours a day, seven
days a week into the “Getting Performance Standard” (GPS) room.
The GPS room has been at the heart of
the company’s strong safety performance this year, driving forward the culture of safety. Since the GPS room was introduced the number of interventions, including those originating in the field, has increased. The GPS room and the growth of the culture
of intervention has also resulted in better standardization of work practices across all of GTE’s operations in Colombia.
   We are like another set of eyes, totally focused on the safety
of the asset, the environment and the personnel. Since I started this role I’ve noticed
an improvement in overall safe work behaviour.
Alexandra Molina,
Field Engineer, Gran Tierra Energy

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