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   Bringing GTE’s Values to Ecuador
In 2019, GTE was awarded three oil blocks in Ecuador’s Oriente basin, which is just across the river separating Colombia and Ecuador. This basin is geologically connected with GTE’s fields in southern Putumayo, giving the company comprehensive access to this promising area.
The company’s first activity after starting in Ecuador was
to conduct a social and human rights strategic baseline analysis so that it would have an accurate understanding of the communities in the company’s areas of influence when planning future social investments. Government officials, NGOs, 750 households, and other stakeholders were all interviewed for the analysis.
GTE has begun an Ecuadorian version of its successful Colombian mechanism for engaging with interested parties, entitled, GTE Te Escucha, which has already received inquiries. For more on GTE Te Escucha, please see page 44.
The company has been sharing its experiences and best practices in operations and sustainability with Ecuadorian authorities to show how GTE’s approach to being a responsible operator will be applied in Ecuador.
  It’s important to us to bring to Ecuador our values and learnings from Colombia, which will demonstrate our commitment to doing things right here. This is
why we invited members of the Ecuadorian government to visit
our facilities and see firsthand
our approach to operations, HSE, sustainability and human rights. It is equally important that we build an in-depth understanding of the communities in the areas where we will operate in Ecuador so we can be an excellent neighbour.
Enrique Villalobos,
President & Country Manager, Ecuador, Gran Tierra Energy

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