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 Meet Several of GTE’s Key Partners:
“We were a really small company when I came aboard to manage it eleven years ago. Working in the hydrocarbon industry has helped us grow and learn, and GTE’s Key Partners program is excellent in this regard. We’ve had to work hard to meet GTE’s high standards for safety and integrity.”
Elsa Colmenares Rueda,
General Manager, Contrasanal, a cooperative that provides ground transportation services to GTE’s Middle Magdalena Valley operations.
“As a client, GTE has been a key partner of mine. They helped us
in developing new skills, provided training to our employees and connected us with new clients.
The diploma courses have been an in-depth source of knowledge on a number of topics that have helped my business. Thanks to the training that Key Partners has provided us, we have grown personally, offered better services and qualified for new projects.”
Sonia Caicedo, General Manager, SAPS, a waste management services company in San Martín.
“GTE is the only company I have worked with that offers contractor development programs like Key Partners. The diploma courses and referral database have increased my capacity as a leader and the company’s potential. They are as important to our development as the value of the contracts that we’ve been awarded.”
Freyder Jhonatan Aguilar,
Legal Representative, ARCOING S.A.S., a Puerto Asís-based subcontractor that provides specialized welding, mechanical, civil and electrical works.
   In 2019, GTE’s contractors sourced goods and services from local suppliers in the amount of nearly
GTE won an award in 2018 from Colombia’s National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) for the Key Partners program as an excellent supply chain strategy
 Companies that participated in Key Partners diploma courses
 2019 Sustainability Report

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