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On June 5, 2018, Gran Tierra and CORPOCESAR (the Environmental Authority of the Department of Cesar) observed World Environmental Day by evaluating whether the company’s La Esperanza site near the town of San Martín could be used for successful releases of rehabilitated wildlife. Company employees and contractors and CORPOCESAR employees also planted 100 endangered trees near GTE’s Acordionero camp. The company transferred to CORPOCESAR 25 hectares of land that are in the process of being reforested.
  Annual Environmental Review
As part of the company’s efforts to strengthen its environmental performance, Gran Tierra retained an international environmental expert to conduct a review of all of the company’s operating sites. The assessment was intended to identify any ways the company could improve the impact of its infrastructure and business practices on the environment. This voluntary activity was conducted in addition to the numerous environmental inspections made by Colombian regulators. As it has in the past, GTE will respond to the expert’s recommendations.
An Award for Contributions to Zoology
Gran Tierra won an award from the Colombian Zoology Association for its contributions to the conservation and preservation of fauna related to its work with the Costayaco Forestry Center, research on butterflies and the NaturAmazonas project.
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