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  Environmental Stewardship 31
NaturAmazonas 2018
• Efficient Stoves: As part of this project, an innovative wood-fired stove was developed for use in rural areas without reliable access to electricity. In these areas, trees are frequently cut down for household heating, cooking and lighting. The stoves, which are portable, are 60% more efficient than open wood burning with less emissions. The latest version also generates a steady three volt current which can charge mobile phones and power 10 lights for three hours – a significant benefit for these communities. More than 100 families have received these stoves to date. The project is now looking at how to scale up the distribution of the stoves.
• Beekeeping: This is an example of how people can generate more income while restoring forest land. Honey production can be a lucrative endeavour, and with over 13 species of productive bees, numerous varieties or blends of high quality food or medicinal honeys are being produced. The association of beekeepers grew significantly in 2018, with 150 current members having been trained and certified, and 200 waiting to join. Participants are selected based on the optimal distribution of bees and trees for future reforestation. The beekeepers have planted over 30,000 trees on over 30 hectares in 2018 alone.
• Five Botanical Knowledge Expeditions: Forty-eight local residents participated in the collection and categorization of over 10,000 plants. In 2019, Botanical Knowledge Expeditions will take place in other areas.
“Thanks to the training and support materials, we can now grow new colonies without cutting down trees in the forest. It’s a different strategy that they gave us to use the forest sustainably; you can manage them without causing harm to the forest. In fact, we’ve planted 1,200 trees
to provide food for our bees in the future.”
– Vanesa Perdomo, Beneficiary of beekeeper program, Vereda Rumiyaco
Beekeepers participating in NaturAmazonas’ beekeeper program.

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