Gran Tierra Te Escucha: An Open Door for the Community


As part of Gran Tierra Energy’s commitment to engage in transparent and respectful dialogues with local communities, we offer official communication channels through the Gran Tierra Te Escucha program. The Gran Tierra Te Escucha program is a key component to our overall Community Engagement Plan.

Our accessible communication channels are open to communities near our operations and we are committed to offer the following:

  • Easily accessible channels (offices or email) for community members to engage in two-way communications with the Company
  • Friendly and competent staff that will assist community members who make use of these channels
  • Gran Tierra Energy staff will listen respectfully to anyone who has questions or concerns about Gran Tierra's activities and will respond with timely responses

Are you a community member living near our operations and have questions, comments, or concerns about Gran Tierra Energy? We encourage you to fill out the online PQR Submission form, email us or visit one of our Te Escucha Offices and connect with Gran Tierra’s Te Escucha staff members at any of the following locations:

*Please make sure to fill in all fields.

First Name:

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Primary Phone Number:

Email Address:

Home Address:


Supportive Documents:

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Villagarzón, Putumayo
Calle 6 #7-31 Barrio Progreso

San Martín – Cesar
Calle 15 # 8-28 Local 3 Centro


Email: [email protected]


Coruña y Orellana Edifico
La Moraleja


Email: [email protected]

Email Inquiry Submissions

Please follow the below format when submitting an email inquiry to Gran Tierra Te Escucha.

  1. Specify whether your inquiry is a Petition, Complaint, Claim, Appreciation or General Comment in the subject line of the email
  2. In the body of the email, please include the following:
    1. Full name
    2. Primary phone number
    3. Home address
    4. Inquiry

Watch for more information on
the Te Escucha program.

For more information on Gran Tierra Energy’s commitment to listen
and respond to our neighbours, click here.