Colombia is a beautiful, biodiverse country with a natural heritage that must be protected. Gran Tierra Energy understands that it is a guest in Colombia and that to be a responsible guest, it must meet or exceed both national and international standards in a way that is transparent. Protecting the environment is a key component of Gran Tierra’s development plans and operations. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, Gran Tierra will:

  • Conduct environmental assessments appropriate to the nature and scope of activities under consideration by GTE.
  • Develop and implement an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that addresses all aspects of environmental protection and sets out specific plans and measures to avoid or limit harmful impacts.
  • Ensure that wastes are minimized and disposed of properly.
  • Implement an effective spill prevention program and quickly and thoroughly clean up any spills that do occur.
  • Track greenhouse gas emissions and take steps to reduce them where economically feasible.
  • Ensure consistent and capable environmental expertise and oversight to educate and train employees and contractors to properly implement the EMP.
  • Voluntarily support projects and events focused on the protection of environmental resources such as water sources, native wildlife, forests and waste management.