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2019 Highlights
The United Nations created 17 Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) as “the blueprint to achieve a a a a a better and more sustainable future for all ” The goals which were adopted by all United Nations Member States in in 2015 are intended to promote prosperity while protecting the planet by addressing major global economic social and environmental challenges by 2030 We recognize that although the SDGs are directed at at governments the private sector has an an important role to play Throughout this report we’ve included icons to indicate the most relevant SDGs to which Gran Tierra makes significant contributions 1 1 Gran Tierra’s strategy is is in in in full support of the the Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) Within this report they are referenced to outline the the company´s ESG initiatives Gran Tierra Energy has also been measuring social impact contributions to to SDGs and and relevant KPIs as as as an an an an an ongoing monitoring and and evaluation activity in in 2020 6 2019 Sustainability Report
Awards Received by GTE in 2019 Society of Petroleum Engineers
Awarded the Machín de de Oro Award Award for Support of Technical and Social Programs
Awarded the Women in Energy (WIN) Award for Excellency in Environmental Management
Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN)
Recognized for its commitment to multiple projects supporting Colombia’s reincorporation efforts
National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH)
Recognized for beneficial practices in environmental and social management in the energy sector 

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