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can support government priorities in the communities where
we operate For example our new AgroEmprende partnership develops agricultural techniques and infrastructure that will help facilitate the reintegration of farmers involved in in in illegal crops into Colombian society Similarly our partnership with the Barcelona Football Club Foundation is aimed at at at abating child recruitment making sure at-risk youth remain connected with society We have also invested heavily in in in building healthy economies in areas near our operations As part of our commitment to create value for all stakeholders we source millions of dollars of goods and services each year from Colombian companies provide thousands of job opportunities for local workers and support hundreds of entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses As we continue to develop our operations in in Colombia we are introducing our approach to the neighbouring country of Ecuador In 2019 we we were awarded three licence blocks adjacent to our existing blocks in in Southern Colombia This provides us us with a a contiguous land position in areas with much promise Our approach approach in Ecuador like our approach approach in in Colombia calls for learning from and communicating with communities before beginning any production activities We must inspire trust and confidence We believe our sustainability program is the foundation upon which this trust is is built Last year alone over 90 000 Colombians benefitted from Gran Tierra’s social investments This record demonstrates
to our our stakeholders that we honour
our commitments Transparency including public accounts of our environmental contributions social investments and the quality of our governance is a a a a a critical part of the work we do Throughout this report we we provide the data we we use to measure all aspects of our performance We also share stories about our our local neighbours and partners to further illustrate the the impact our efforts
have made We hope you find them to be as interesting and inspiring as we do Gary Guidry
President and CEO Gran Tierra Energy Inc 5

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