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Business and Ethics Training
The company carries out regular training on the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics as as well as as other important compliance policies and relevant topics Completion of the online
Code course is required for all new employees and relevant contractors Existing employees are required to re-take the course every two years In addition to online
training the company also identifies certain individuals and teams whose functional role geographical location or frequency of interactions with public
officials require specialized training in in in particular focus areas such as as anti-corruption government relations gifts and entertainment or other compliance areas In 2019 live compliance and ethics training was delivered to the Board of Directors Calgary-based senior management Colombia management Colombia field staff in the Putumayo and Middle Magdalena Valley along with specific employees and leaders in the social environmental and government relations groups Directors Gary S Guidry
President and Chief Executive Officer
Robert Hodgins
Non-Executive Chairman
Peter Dey
Evan Hazell
Executive Management
Gary S Guidry
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Ellson
Chief Financial Officer
and Executive Vice President Finance
Tony Berthelet
Chief Operating Officer
Jim Evans
Vice President Corporate Services
Colombia Management
Manuel Buitrago
President and Country Manager
Muyiwa Akinyosoye
Vice President Major Capital Projects
Ecuador Management
Enrique Villalobos
President and Country Manager
Glen Mah
Vice President Exploration Ecuador Ronald W Royal
Sondra Scott
David Smith
Brooke Wade
Diego Perez-Claramunt
Vice President Health Safety and Environment (HSE) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Rodger Trimble
Vice President Investor Relations
Lawrence West
Vice President Exploration Rob Will
Vice President Asset Management
Chris Metcalfe
Vice President Finance
Sebastien Morin
Vice President Operations
Pedro Zutara
Vice President Finance
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