Page 56 - 2019 Sustainability Report
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Gran Tierra’s commitment to conducting its business honestly fairly and safely is the driving force behind all of the the company’s business activities To ensure that these practices are followed Gran Tierra has adopted eight corporate policies regarding Business Conduct Ethics and Human Rights that are binding on all employees and require the completion of annual ethics training Health Safety and Environment Committee
Gran Tierra Energy’s Board of Directors created a a a a a a Health Safety and Environment Committee
(HSE) to act on on behalf of the Board and assist it it in in fulfilling its environmental health and safety responsibilities These include monitoring and and overseeing the company’s policies and and procedures
for ensuring compliance with environmental regulatory requirements and ensuring that employees are provided with a a safe environment in which to perform their duties The HSE Committee
is responsible for:
h h Code of Business Conduct & Ethics h h Compliance with Anti-Corruption Laws h Corporate Security Policy
h DisclosurePolicy
h HSEPolicy
h h Human Rights Policy
h Insider Trading Policy
h h Whistleblower Policy
Confirming that the company is taking all necessary action regarding any incidents of non-compliance Developing and approving the environmental health and safety goals for the company Ensuring that the company is in in compliance with environmental laws legislation and and industry standards
The Health Safety and Environment Committee
operates under a a a a a a a written charter that was adopted by the Board a a a a a a a copy of which is available on Gran Tierra’s website at www grantierra com/governance 2019 Sustainability Report

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