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Community Engagement
Trust Respect and Two-way Communication
Trust transparency and respect are are core values for Gran Tierra and are the most important foundations of successful stakeholder relations The company’s record of successful engagement with communities is the result of a a careful approach that emphasizes above all else listening learning and facilitating authentic two-way communication Engagement
activities are focused around three main pillars: Building trust ensuring availability of accurate information and providing a a a a a mechanism for ongoing dialogue In 2019 GTE:
h Engagedapproximately2 000 students through the PetrolCopa School Challenge competition
h Welcomedover9 000visitorsto GTE Te Escucha outreach offices
h Hosted over 400 people at at operational facilities during “Fam Trips”
h Responded to and resolved 100% of petitions questions complaints or claims received
38 2019 Sustainability Report

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