Page 37 - 2019 Sustainability Report
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Experiencing the consequences of mistakes in virtual reality is is memorable and results in a a a a safer approach to personal safety at work Douglas Romero Monthly Safety Contractor Meetings
Monthly safety contractor meetings are attended by senior-level operations and HSE staff of each contractor During these meetings the previous month’s performance and safety efforts are discussed To ensure a a a a strong finish to the year GTE made December a a a a Safety Month hosting a a a a a a number of activities including a a a a a a breakfast for spouses of workers to discuss safety culture at home HSE Training
Champion Gran Tierra Energy
GTE’s safety performance was due in part to to the company’s intensive response to to a a tragic accident at at a a a a a workover rig site that resulted in in the passing of of an employee of of one of the company’s contractors While GTE the contractor company and colleagues were shocked and saddened an immediate investigation was launched to understand the the root causes of the the incident and to to determine what could be done to to prevent this from occurring again The company renewed its focus on safety precautions and took a a a a number of actions including the design and implementation of the GPS room an in-depth review of all workover procedures and a a renewed focus on strengthening the the culture of safety across the company 

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