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2019 Sustainability Report
Successfully Completing the Prior Consultation Process
In 2019, Gran Tierra Energy started 16 new processes of prior consultations with ethnic communities near its operations. Prior Consultation (PC), a formal process for establishing dialogue between companies and officially recognized ethnic groups, was instituted by the Colombian government to ensure these groups are adequately informed and consulted about activities that might impact them.
The prior consultation mechanism, which outlines a process to conduct consultation and reach agreement on issues related to proposed activities, is an important component of Human Rights
policy in Colombia. Gran Tierra concluded 8 prior consultations in 2019 and over the course of the
last three years has successfully concluded 86%
of all prior consultations undertaken. The majority
of active prior consultations are located in the Putumayo Department near the municipalities of Orito, Villagarzón and Puerto Asís, in close proximity to Indigenous or Afro-Colombian communities.
Counsel leaders in Puerto Limón, one of the largest Afro-Colombian communities in Colombia, represent their citizens and collaborate closely to advocate powerfully for their collective community. Pictured alongside GTE staff, are Nelly Meza, Claudia Cabezas, Yined Meza, Nury Acosta, Mariza Landazury.

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