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 Left to right: Diego Armando Plazas, Coordinator of
Prior Consultation and engagement with Indigenous communities, José Francisco Piaguaje Yaiguaje, Traditional Doctor, Edwin Joao Bravo Muñoz, Community Engagement Professional, and Nancy Lorena Madroñero Yaiguaje, Governor, Cabildo Nuevo Amancer de Puerto Asís
 Engaging with Indigenous Communities
GTE follows all laws and regulations stipulated by the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) Guiding Principles and Colombian Law. At the heart of GTE’s success with building strong relationships is something very simple: respect for and understanding of the communities that it interacts with.
Edwin Joao Bravo Muñoz, a member of the Buenavista reservation, started to work as the secretary of the Indigenous governing body, before moving to serve in the Puerto Asís Mayor’s office as Promoter of Indigenous Affairs. For the last two years he has worked at GTE as a community engagement professional.
“Before I worked with GTE, the company invited leaders to visit their Costayaco facilities to let them see how the industry, and in particular, how GTE works. This was important to build trust with the community, which can sometimes be defensive with respect to the industry. The company has been known for its good environmental practices and we got to witness that personally. Now that I work for GTE, I’ve tried to help show that industry can work hand in hand with communities – respecting their rights, traditions, culture and spirituality that is so important. That has been my experience in GTE.”
Edwin Joao Bravo Muñoz,
Community Engagement Professional,
Gran Tierra Energy, pictured, 2nd from right
“You often hear the oil companies are here to ruin your land, and at first we didn’t want to get to know GTE. However, when we got closer I realized they weren’t like the other companies. From working with us on protecting cultural artifacts, supporting us in our ceremonies and cultural events, it was nice that somebody finally came here to do something for us. For that we are grateful.”
Nancy Lorena Madroñero Yaiguaje,
Governor, Cabildo Nuevo Amancer de Puerto Asís, pictured, right

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