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 Both the cultural and systems changes that the company has undergone in recent years and the hard work by our team contributed to another success in 2018, when the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified Gran Tierra as meeting its rigorous 14001:2015 Environmental Management standard.
We also made major advances this year towards our goal of using natural gas to generate all the electricity needed for our field operations, including our commitment to fully power Acordionero by Q3 2019 with natural gas. This Gas-to-Power program significantly reduces gas flaring and also our burden on the national electric grid in Putumayo, thereby cutting air emissions and improving communities’ access to reliable electricity.
Another big change that took place in 2018 was the election of a new national government in Colombia. Several of the new administration’s key social pillars are in alignment with our efforts to promote entrepreneurship, establish gender parity and generate sustainable
development – three themes that are infused in our work and highlighted throughout this report. The innovation and leadership of our team in all of these areas was recognized with awards in 2018 from multiple respected Colombian institutions that highlighted our projects as models for the industry.
As I think about all that was accomplished in 2018, I want to thank all of our employees and contractors for their efforts that made our successes possible. They have created a strong strategic framework for Gran Tierra to experience continued growth and more success in 2019 and beyond.
Gary Guidry
President and CEO Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
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