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  Seventeen-year-old Johan Sebastian Moncada and his team created a cyclic rainwater and irrigation system which could help address challenges involving contaminated water, agricultural dependence on water sources and unreliable electricity supply. Having won the PetrolCopa challenge Johan hopes to study geology
in University.
“When we heard about PetrolCopa, we were excited because it had to do with the preservation of natural resources. It is a huge initiative because the students get to go beyond the theory and put their projects into practice. We want
to express our gratitude for this novel program that strengthens interest in learning among students and teachers.” – Alvaro Herman Apraez Yela, Director of the Institution Educativa Amazonica, a public school in Puerto Guzmán. Pictured with Johan Sebastian Moncada and advisor Marcela Marisol Ramirez
Olga Lucia Gomez Plata is a parent of a recently graduated student, and an English teacher at the Institution de San Martín de Tours, a public high school whose team won the PetrolCopa challenge held in Cesar Department. One of her students was on the winning team from the area.
“People began to believe in this PetrolCopa when the students told us about what they were learning, and we realized the program was well organized and meeting its promises.” – Olga Lucia Plata, English teacher, San Martín
“Gran Tierra has been very supportive and collaborative with our municipality regarding infrastructure, transportation, and technology.
The training,
support and
workshops for the
teachers and
students that were
part of PetrolCopa were very positive.” – Luz Mary Cortes Celis, Professor, Universidad de Magdalena & Secretary of Education, San Martín
Nineteen-year-old Alvaro Barbosa Picón, a graduate of Institution de San Martín de Tours, was on the winning project team in the San Martín area. Their winning project, “Aquaponia,” detailed an organic, symbiotic fish breeding and agricultural cycle that local farmers could use to save water, generate additional income and eliminate the use of pesticides.
“This project demanded a lot of effort outside of our normal classes. PetrolCopa
planted a seed for us to think about how to investigate water more deeply and do research. I’m really grateful because I got to understand a lot of things.” – Alvaro Barbosa Picón, winning student
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