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 Turning Challenges into Opportunities
Communities in Putumayo have faced significant security, educational and economic challenges for decades. Many of these challenges – lack of infrastructure, jobs, education and technical training – remain in a post conflict context.
This has made it difficult for participants in the local workforce to acquire the technical experience that would qualify them for a number of jobs with Gran Tierra. Since some positions are very specialized, often no one in the region has the required qualifications.
Colombian regulations stipulate that skilled positions can be filled by workers from outside the locality if there are insufficient numbers of qualified local workers. However, rather than importing people from other regions, four years ago GTE started a program to train local workers for technical jobs. The program, entitled “From Challenges to Opportunities,” helps people understand the skills and experience required to qualify for the jobs Gran Tierra offers and then conducts training and certification programs to help prospective employees meet the requirements. The program also helps existing employees qualify for promotions. This results in more opportunities for local communities which can be seen in GTE’s local hiring statistics which far exceed what is required by law.
The program, which has been very successful in strengthening relationships with communities in Putumayo, was recently expanded to cover the Middle Magdalena Valley and has benefited 927 people in all areas.
Employee Perspective: Sophia Nunez
Born in Bogotá and raised in Puerto Asís, Well Engineer Sophia Nunez studied petroleum engineering at Universidad Surcolombiana. After beginning her career working for several years at Colombia’s National Training Service, SENA, GTE hired Sophia as a Production Assistant two years ago. In that capacity she supported the company’s production by supporting well maintenance activities. Recently, she was promoted to the position of Well Engineer.
“My new role as a Well Engineer is a challenge. I’m learning new things every day. I’m constantly looking for the best ways to optimize wells by adjusting any of the numerous parameters that can affect a well’s performance. Working at this company has introduced me to several different areas of the business and helped me develop professionally through training and specialized courses.”
– Sophia Nunez, Well Engineer
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  Maximizing Local Hiring
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 Sophia Nunez Well Engineer, Gran Tierra Energy
Local Hiring of Skilled Workers

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