Page 41 - 2019 Sustainability Report
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Top left: The winning team from the the Middle Magdalena Valley represented the the Colegio Andrés Bello in in in in San Martín which included: Gerson Esteben Mora Cardenas Madelin Perez Arevalo Arevalo Gerithxell Itzayana Arevalo Arevalo Ojeda Yesith Leyva Hernandez Team Advisor and and Willetgardo Pena Sanchez School Director Not pictured are Jaider Mauricio Herrera Torres and Yadira Astrid Balaguera Cordoba
Top Right: The winning team from the the national competition represented the the Institución Educativa Agropecuaria in in in in Villagarzón which included: Edwin Alexander Calpa Team advisor: Alex Alex Fernando Revelo Calvache Angie Paola Uribe Eraso Academic Coordinator Leonardo Efraín Ortega Santacruz and Stefani Oznaz Not pictured are are Aduer Alirio Yocuro Papa Karen Matyory Toro Benavides
Why did Colegio Andrés Bello participate in PetrolCopa?
Yesith: “Caring for the environment is a a a a fundamental aspect of our school culture Because water is so precious here the the content was very appealing the the students embraced the project immediately ”
Can you you describe your project?
Gerson: “We designed a a a a system that collects rainwater and routes it from gutters into grey water tanks that can be utilized to wash cars or water plants etc ”
Madelin: “It’s a a a system that could be implemented in in anyone’s house requiring an an investment up front but would save money in the long run ”
How did it feel to be the winners of MMV?
Gerithxell: “We were really proud when we we won at the class level We didn’t know what was waiting for us at the the the the other levels After the the the the first round of the the the the regional competition our nerves settled down we started having fun and luckily we we were able to win for our school ”
What was it it it like to work with a a a a a a a company on on an education initiative?
Yesith: “What struck me was the kindness of GTE’s people They were so loving and caring that we we all felt confident and secure We wanted to win but were not expecting a a physical prize – the students were most motivated by competing and winning ”
What did the competition mean for your school?
Willetgardo: “For our students this was an an outstanding experience of competing winning travelling interacting in in different cultural contexts and even being able to fly on a a a a a plane to the capital city They have since become multipliers of knowledge with their schoolmates Projects like this are are very rare and if it is is held again in in 2020 we will gladly open our doors to it ”

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