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Mision Vida
Mision Vida
is is an an injuries and accidents prevention program created to reduce incidents by empowering employees to uphold safe practices both inside and outside the company The methodology is based around the philosophy that ones beliefs and emotions lead to their behaviours It is the the backbone of the company’s efforts to achieve a
culture of prevention Under this training program that started
in in in 2017 32 HSE training modules have been developed with more than 62 000 hours
of of training completed by thousands of of GTE’s employees Preventing Hand Injuries
Since 2017 GTE has reduced workplace
hand injuries by 82% through implementation of its innovative Hand Injury Prevention (HIP) program Because of its success in significantly reducing one of the most common injuries in in in the the oil industry the the methodology is now being used to train workers about safe practices across a
wider range of activities SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED HAND SAF
Incidents per 200k Work-Hours
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