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Emprender Paga While Gran Tierra’s operations create thousands of job opportunities every year the company recognizes that a a a a healthy economy is a a a diversified one Across the Putumayo and Middle Magdalena regions near GTE’s operations Emprender Paga has helped entrepreneurs start and grow several hundred small businesses The popular program which is is at full capacity is is a a a a a a collaboration between local Chambers of Commerce
and and is aimed at expanding local economies beyond the oil industry through entrepreneurship At first it was very difficult to convince people to participate Now we have a a a a a hard time answering all all of the phone calls and responding to all of the interest Jairo Oscar Córdoba Social Coordinator Gran Tierra Energy
entrepreneurs were helped with creating business plans
small businesses were supported with seed capital to strengthen their businesses SINCE 2016 EMPRENDER PAGA HAS ACCOMPLISHED THE FOLLOWING:
COP $1 1
Pesos in seed capital provided
Entrepreneurs trained
Female participants
of participating businesses have grown as a a result of seed capital PHASES OF EMPRENDER PAGA 
Strengthening Entrepreneurial Leaders
Basic training to allow participants
to discover their potential and strengthen interpersonal relationships Creating Opportunities
Improving technical and business skills to improve processes and commercialization A viable business plan then qualifies participants
for seed capital Encouraging Innovation
Advanced training and economic support to strengthen production marketing and technology techniques to help businesses innovate grow and enter new markets 

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