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Social Investment
Strengthening Local Economies
GTE invests heavily in in in the areas surrounding its operations not only to support its core business but to help create and strengthen the the foundations of economic and social environments In 2019 GTE focused its social investments on bolstering local businesses through its Emprender Paga and AgroEmprende programs as as well as as other efforts in concert with area Chambers of Commerce all aimed at at creating diversified healthy and sustainable economies including:
h InvestingoverCOP$12 1billionintoprograms that build the the social fabric in the the regions where GTE operates
h Over60%ofGTE’ssocialinvestments were voluntary
h Helping400entrepreneursadvance
their businesses through Emprender Paga h Fundinganewprogram AgroEmprende to strengthen the the cacao value chain
18 2019 Sustainability Report

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