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  06 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
 Investments in specific Beyond Compliance programs totalled $3.9 million USD in 2018
In addition to contributing to Colombia’s economic and social development, as documented in this report, Gran Tierra continues to emphasize developing the country’s energy resources in a sustainable way that other companies are being encouraged to emulate. As a result, GTE’s impact on Colombia is extending beyond the jobs and revenue streams it has created to its adoption and promotion of a business culture that not only respects the environment but also delivers long term benefits for the people and communities in the areas where the company operates.
Beyond Compliance
The company’s approach to sustainable development calls for it to:
• Apply its philosophy of “Beyond Compliance” to everything GTE does in Colombia. This means that Gran Tierra behaves like good neighbours and participants in the communities near where it operates, and it fully complies with all Colombian regulations. However, where possible, the company does more than the regulations require to maximize economic, environmental and social benefits to communities.
• Enhance the economic impact of GTE’s presence in Colombia by pursuing a strategy of regionalization when making voluntary social and environmental investments.
“Communities are some of our most important partners. We are focused on keeping our promises and generating sustainable economic opportunities for them. Our core business supports local vendors, provides training and creates jobs. We are also supporting economic growth outside of the industry by nurturing local entrepreneurships and creating productive agriculture projects.” – Manuel Buitrago, President and Country Manager, Colombia, Gran Tierra Energy

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